The Tomb of Tut Ankh Amen


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Author  Howard Carter
Publisher  Duckworth Publishers
Publication Date   March 31, 2004
ISBN  0715631721
Pages  192

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The tomb of Tutankhamun (Tut.ankh.Amen), uncovered in November 1922, was the greatest archaeological find the world has ever seen. Though entered by thieves in antiquity, the burial of the king lay intact within its nest of coffins and funerary shrines, surrounded by a mass of burial equipment arranged in three peripheral chambers. "The Tomb of Tut.ankh.Amen: Search, Discovery and the Clearance of the Antechamber," originally published in 1923, is the first volume of Carter’s magnificent trilogy, describing the years of frustration, the triumph of the tomb’s eventual discovery, and the start of the long, breathtaking process of recording and clearance.

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