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Author  Tessa Rajak
Publisher  Bristol Classical Press
Publication Date   June 28, 2002
ISBN  0715631705
Pages  272

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Josephus, author of the "Jewish War" and the "Jewish Antiquities", belongs equally to Jewish and to Greco-Roman history. A well-to-do priest and Pharisee at Jerusalem, he was a contemporary and chronicler of the great changes which took place in the Roman Empire in the first century AD and a controversial general in the great Jewish revolt of 66-73 against Rome. Tessa Rajak, an ancient historian versed in both Greek and Hebrew, assesses the varied source material to produce a sociological account of the Jewish revolt which casts fresh light on Josephus' attitudes, placing his achievement in the context of both Jewish values and the Greek historical tradition. This second edition includes a substantial new introduction and bibliography.

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