The Tomb of Thoutmosis IV


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Author  Theodore M. Davis
Publisher  Duckworth Publishers
Publication Date   July 1, 2002
ISBN  0715631209
Pages  224

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Howard Carter’s discovery of the tomb of Tuthmosis (Thoutmôsis) IV, sponsored by Theodore M. Davis, initiated a decade of immensely fruitful work in the Valley of the Kings. The find was a rich and informative one. Undisturbed since the removal of the king’s mummy around 1000 BC, the tomb’s elegant chambers were literally strewn with antiquities -- shabti-figures, model vessels, ritual equipment, textiles, throne panels, and a chariot. In the burial chamber itself stood the king’s magnificent quartzite sarcophagus, its painted decoration as fresh as in antiquity.
"The Tomb of Thoutmôsis IV" was first published in 1904. Incorporating an historical essay on the king’s reign by Gaston Maspero, a description of the work and illustrated catalogue of the finds by Carter and Percy E. Newberry, and a paper on the king’s mummy by Grafton Elliot Smith, it represents Davis’s full, official report on the discovery.

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