Archaic Greece


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Author  Nick Fisher
Publisher  The Classical Press of Wales
Publication Date   December 31, 1998
ISBN  0715628097
Pages  480

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The study of archaic Greece (c. 750-480 BC) is being transformed by exciting discoveries and interpretations. In fourteen original studies from a distinguished international cast, this book explores many aspects of a rapidly changing Greek world. Detailed re-interpretation of archaeological material reveals diversity in patterns of settlement, sanctuaries and burial practices, and shows motivations underlying the expanding exchange of goods and the settlement of new communities. Local studies of archaeology and iconography revise our image of the peculiarity of Spartan society and East Greek cult. Texts, from Homer and Hesiod to a newly-found poem of Simonides, are given fresh interpretations. And there are new studies of developments in maritime warfare, the roles of literacy and law-making in Crete, the emergence of a less violent Greek life-style, and the articulation of political thought.

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