Kings & Queens (Book published October 17, 2007)


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Author  Richard Cavendish
Publisher  David & Charles
Publication Date   October 17, 2007
ISBN  9780715323762
Pages  480

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Takes a detailed look at each ruler, revealing their life, achievements and failures, as well as their impact on the wider world.

Now in a new handy-format, this fully comprehensive guide offers insight into Britain's monarchs and their chequered histories, from pre-Roman times to the present day. Readers will explore the lives and personalities of each monarch, their involvement in and effect on events in their reign. This stunning book includes additional information on the spirit, traditions and innovations of the nation at the time, including politics, arts, architecture and fashions making this a magnificent visual feast guaranteed to bring history alive for readers of all ages, through exciting narrative, renowned paintings and rare archive photographs.

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