Egyptian Art (Book published July 22, 1999)


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Author  Jaromir Malek
Publisher  Phaidon Press
Publication Date   July 22, 1999
ISBN  9780714836270
Pages  448

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In this introduction, Jaromir Malek, an internationally respected authority, deftly traces Egyptian art from its prehistoric origins through 3000 years of astonishing achievements in the era of the pharaohs to the conquest of Egypt by the Romans. He outlines artistic trends in each period, linking them to economic, political and spiritual developments, and discusses the full range of artistic output: monumental architecture, sculpture, wall-reliefs and paintings, furniture, jewellery, papyri and pottery. He concludes with a fascinating account of Egypt's influence on modern art. Illustrations document the immense variety and superb quality of the art and architecture of one of the world's great civilizations.

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