Roman Britain

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Author  Richard Hobbs
Publisher  British Museum Press
Publication Date   December 31, 2010
ISBN  0714150614
Pages  160

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The British Museum's new introductory guide to Roman Britain combines an informative text with first-class design and is illustrated with plentiful artefacts from the museum's collections. Throughout the book the emphasis is on cultural interaction and change, showing the impact of the Roman presence, but also British survivals; the book starts, perhaps unusually for general guides of this kind, with a section on pre-Roman Britain, and ends with a chapter on Britons after Rome. In between we learn about the military, the new literate culture introduced by Rome, about the impact of Rome on the rural economy, and on life in the new towns, as well as about religion. Constant reference to archaeological finds and sites gives a sense of place, and also of regional variation.

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