Emperor Hadrian


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Author  Thorsten Opper
Publisher  British Museum Press
Publication Date   June 1, 2008
ISBN  0714122661
Pages  96


The Roman Empire, ruled by its emperors, was one of the greatest powers of the ancient world. Hadrian (c. AD117138) reigned for twenty-one years in its Golden Age and is perhaps best known today for his great wall in the north of England. However, this was just one of his celebrated achievements. He was indeed a creator of magnificent buildings and structures that were architecturally daring, but he was also a skilled military leader and strategist; a tireless traveller who roamed his enormous empire and its boundaries; a well-educated man who loved the Arts and was passionate about Greece and Greek culture. This informative and beautifully illustrated little book presents a concise portrait of Hadrian, his family, his deeds, his loves, his dark side and his legacy.A potted biography is followed by picture-and-caption spreads that amplify the details of his life. These feature art and artefacts from museum collections around the world, as well as specially commissioned photographs of the Pantheon, the Villa Adriani, his mausoleum. "The Emperor Hadrian" is not only a celebration of a remarkable individual but a wonderful introduction to a fascinating period of Roman history.

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