Ancient Board Games in Perspective

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Author  Irving Finkel
Publisher  British Museum Press
Publication Date   August 30, 2007
ISBN  0714111538
Pages  352

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Table of contents: Preface (John Curtis); The Study of Board Games and the present volume (I.F. Finkel); 1. The Earliest materials Homo Ludens: Early Board Games in the Near East (St. John Simpson); 2. Ancient Mesopotamia The Royal Game of Ur (A. Becker); The Game and the play of the Royal Game of Ur (I.F. Finkel); 3. Egypt Mehen: the ancient game of the serpent (Timothy Kendall); Were there gamesters in ancient Egypt? (W.J. Tait);The Egyptian game of senet and the migration of the soul, (Peter A. Piccione); The game of hounds and jackals (A.J. Hoerth); The ancient Egyptian 20 field game (E. Pusch); 4. The Classical World Board games and their symbols from Roman times to early Christianity (Anita Rieche); Inscribed imperial Roman gaming boards (N. Purcell); Pavement signs and game boards of the Graeco-Roman world, a BM typology (R.C. Bell & C. Roueché); Late Roman and Byzantine game boards at Aphrodisias (C. Roueché); 5. Chess The beginnings of chess (Michael Mark); Changing cultures: the reception of chess into W. Europe in the Middle Ages (Richard Earles); Problems with the dating of chess with reference to Shatrang (Raymond Keene); 6. Backgammon New evidence from central Asia for board game history (G. Semenov); India in the history of backgammon (M. Soar); Notes on the early history of the backgammon family in China (Andrew Lo); A late eleventh century tabluae set from Gloucester (Ian J. Stewart); A brief history of backgammon and the design of the board (M. Watkins); 7. India and the Far East Game boards at Vijayanagara: a preliminary report (John M. Fritz and David Gibson); Horse coins: pieces for Da ma, the Chinese board game Driving Horses (Joe Cribb); An Introduction to board games in late imperial China (Andrew Lo); Go in ancient China (John Fairbairn); 8. Mankala An overview of Mankala rules and variations (L. Russ); The typological spread of the Mankala table for the above (Philip Townsend); Mankala game boards as African emblems of status (Rosly Adele Walker); 9. Miscellaneous studies The pursuit of Hnefatafl (I. Riddler); The history and rules of Rithmomachia, the philosopher's game (J. Stigter); Robert Culin and New World games (Bonita Freeman-Witthoft).

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