Queen of Sheba


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Publisher  British Museum Press
Publication Date   June 1, 2002
ISBN  0714111511
Pages  304

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Exhibitions at the British Museum are always accompanied by catalogues, which are often worthwhile books in their own right; this one is no exception and would serve very well as an introduction to the subject. There are twelve chapters on Sheba in western popular culture and legend, what exactly is known about Saba' and the Sabaeans (the kingdom in southern Arabia associated with Sheba), the incense trade, agriculture, arts, architecture, languages and writing, religion and death and funerary practices. Over 300 items are described and illustrated with colour photographs and the production is beautiful throughout. St John Simpson is an Assistant Keeper in The British Museum and is responsible for the ancient Arabia, Iran and 'Alexander to Islam' period collections in the Department of the Ancient Near East.

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