Catalogue of the Babylonian Tablets in the British...


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Publisher  British Museum Press
Publication Date   June 1, 1988
ISBN  0714111244
Pages  416


The volume under review is the third and final catalogue of cuneiform tablets excavated by Hormuzd Rassam at Sippar from 1882 to 1895 or acquired by E. A. W. Budge during the same period. One group of texts comes from Tell ed-Der located near Sippar. The book contains an introduction by Walker on the provenance of the various groups of texts and over 12,000 entries which mainly describe Old Babylonian and Neo-Babylonian tablets. The catalogue of the Old Babylonian texts had been prepared by the late J. J. Finkelstein and then revised and completed by Walker. The remaining parts of the book are the work of Leichty. The majority of tablets are economic and administrative documents from the archives of the Ebabbar temple at Sippar. A few texts come from Babylon, Borsippa, Dilbat, Kish, and Uruk.

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