Voices from Ancient Egypt


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Author  R. B. Parkinson
Publisher  British Museum Press
Publication Date   March 1, 2006
ISBN  0714109614
Pages  160

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Voices from Ancient Egypt is an anthology presenting translations of sixty documents from a golden age of ancient Egyptian culture (c. 2081-1600 BC). The documents illustrate all aspects of life and the place of literacy in an early civilisation. The 'voices' range from the high formal literature of religious rituals and royal monuments to the hurried requests of the bureaucrats and the jokes of harrassed workmen. They tell a tale not ony of the intellectual beliefs of the elite, but of family feuds, love and murder, as well as the pastoral dreams of a society trying to attain its vision of absolute order in a chaotic universe.

This volume is a reissue of the valuable introduction to ancient Egyptian literature, first published in 1991.

Table of Contents
Introduction; The Intellectual Setting of Cosmos and State; The King; The Life of the Land; Religious Life; The Other Life; Epilogue; Glossary; Bibliography.

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