The English Heritage Book of Roman Towns...


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Author  Guy de la Bedoyere
Publisher  B. T. Batsford Limited
Publication Date   May 27, 1992
ISBN  0713468939
Pages  152

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The towns of Roman Britain were something entirely new to the island and its population. Before the coming of the Romans, the tribes had had gathering places but Britain was in general an agricultural society. The Romans introduced towns as an essential aid to enforcing their government over the island. Some were new foundations, some grew up around forts, some were adapted from tribal centers and a few emerged around roads and religious centers. This book traces the process of urban development, from the initial stages, marked by the Boudican revolt of 60 A.D., followed by the flourishing of towns as centers for trade and industry, to their decline in the fifth century. Contents: Foreword; Introduction; Settlement in pre-Roman Britain; Conquest and Colonization: 43-61; Reconstruction and the Growth of Towns: 61-200; Insecurity and Urban Decline: 200-350; Trade, Industry and Urban Economies; Religion in Towns; The Collapse of Roman Towns; Appendix: Inscriptions from Towns; Further Reading; Where to Visit Roman Towns in Britain; Index.

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