The Buildings of Roman Britain


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Author  Guy De LA Bedoyere
Publisher  B T Batsford Ltd
Publication Date   October 1, 1991
ISBN  0713463112
Pages  256

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Seeking to recover something of the appearance of Roman Britain by reconstructing the buildings from existing ground plans, this book deals thematically with an extensive range of building types, from country villas and urban basilicas to bridges and lighthouses. The book covers construction techniques, including interior decoration and features; military buildings, including frontier works, Hadrian's Wall and the Antonine Wall; public buildings, including market buildings, inns, monumental arches; sacred sites, including Romano-Celtic temples, Mithraea and rural shrines; other buildings including roads, bridges, wharfs and quays, aqueducts, drains and sewers, mills, kilns and ovens, tombs and mausolea. The appendices deal with orthographic projections, inscriptions, recommended sites and Romano-British history.

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