Egyptian Dawn


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Author  Robert Temple
Publisher  Century
Publication Date   October 4, 2010
ISBN  071268414X
Pages  528


A fascinating look into the real history of the ancient civilizations, including revelatory new evidence which challenges accepted truths about the history of Egypt.

The mysteries of Ancient Egypt have proved an endless source of fascination to the world. Here, for the first time, international bestselling author Robert Temple seeks to expose the real history of this ancient civilization. In this fascinating study, Temple unearths revelatory new evidence which challenges accepted truths about the history of Egypt and questions the evidence which most Egyptologists have relied on since 1910. In doing so he has sought to answer the two big questions which have until now been taken for granted: Where did Egyptian civilization come from? And who built the pyramids, and why?

With unprecedented access to lost portions of the valley temple which have long been closed to archaeologists, Temple presents a sensational, reconstructed story of Egypt which exposes a magnitude of previously unseen evidence, including:

Pinpointing exact locations of unopened royal tombs

Presenting re-datings of key monuments using a revolutionary
new dating technique

Exposing faked evidence which has been credulously accepted by the Egyptological community

Revealing who really built the pyramids

Unearthing the real truth about Egypt's most amazing pyramid, Giza

Packed full of fantastic, never-before-seen photographs, which provide hard evidence to support Temple's claims, Egyptian Dawn opens many paths to the truth in the story of Egypt.

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