Egyptian Antiquities in the Nile Valley

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Author  Professor Ato Quayson
Publisher  Kegan Paul
Publication Date   June 15, 2006
ISBN  0710311273
Pages  964

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The epitome of the traditional guidebook offering a wealth of information and written description, this 1932 classic is considered by many professional tour guides to the best of its kind, and will appeal to discriminating travellers who want more from a guidebook than photographs and captions. Baikie concentrates on the architecture, sculpture, monuments, tombs and artwork found on site at all the important tourist destinations in Egypt and Nubia. The book follows the course of the Nile from the Mediterranean, beginning with the Delta which is often overlooked, but contains some of Egypt's oldest and most renowned sites, and ending at Abu Simbel and Khartoum. All along the way, Baikie draws upon ancient and contemporary sources to bring the history of each site to life, describing paintings and other artwork in meticulous detail, and providing floor plans of major temples and tombs. Indispensable for serious travellers.

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