The Gods Of The Egyptians. Volumes 1 & 2 (Book published May


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Author  Professor E.. A. Wallis Budge
Publisher  Kegan Paul
Publication Date   May 11, 2005
ISBN  0710310617
Pages  982

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This landmark work, written by the eminent Egyptologist E. A. Wallis Budge, is a complete survey of the religion and mythology of the Ancient Egyptians. Every significant religious figure is considered in depth: the primitive gods and Nome-Gods; Ra, the sun god; Thoth and Maat, Amen and Amen-Ra, Aten, Osiris, Isis, the foreign gods, and many others. Also covered are the Underworld, Creation, the Zodiac, and Sacred Animals and Birds. A number of Hieroglyphic texts with translations are included.

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