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Author  James M. Anderson
Publisher  Robert Hale Ltd
Publication Date   July 31, 2002
ISBN  0709070926
Pages  216


This unique historical and archaeological guidebook to France introduces the reader and traveller to the visible remains of past cultures that shaped the development of the modern country. A chronological description of the important epochs, from the first appearance of humans in France down to medieval times, is followed by a portrayal of archaeological monuments and details of their exact location. These include prehistoric cave paintings, villages, necropolis, megaliths, Celtic forts and historic Roman and Gallo-Roman remains (including towns, temples, villas, bridges, roads and aqueducts), early Christian churches, chapels and murals, as well as medieval structures, fortifications and cemeteries. This book can be used as a field manual to find and explore readily France's ancient heritage or as a reference for those who cannot visit the sites but are interested in the legacy of the past.

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