Epics of Early Civilization


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Author  Allan Lothian
Publisher  Time Life Education
Publication Date   February 1, 2000
ISBN  0705435539
Pages  143

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Epics of Early Civilization: Middle Eastern Myth (Myth and Mankind)
143 pp. Part of the Myth & Mankind series. "A dramatic series that captures, culture by culture, the information that never makes it into the history books: strange stories, mystic rites, angry gods, vision quests.""For centuries, the epics, legends and myths of Mesopotamia's ancient civilization lay buried under the desert sands, along with great cities like Babylon, Nineveh, Ur, and Ashur, waiting for the day when archaeologists would reveal them to the modern world. These myths represent some of the earliest literature ever found. Peopled with characters like the goddess Ishtar and the warrior-king Gilgamesh, they are filled with universal themes that resonate even today."Keywords: FOLKLORE MYTHOLOGY HISTORY MYTH EPICS OF EARLY CIVILIZATION MIDDLE EAST EASTERN

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