The Monarchy of England


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Author  David Starkey
Publisher  Chatto and Windus
Publication Date   October 14, 2004
ISBN  0701176784
Pages  192

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Monarchy is more than the biographies of the kings and queens of England. It is an in-depth examination of what the English monarchy has meant, in terms of the expression of the individual, the Mother of Parliaments, Magna Charta, the laws of England and the land of England. This is the history of ideas and ideals, as well as colourful characters, brought to life by David Starkey's unique gifts as a communicator. David Starkey's scholarship combines with his engaging and popular style to produce another winner. The importance of the rich heritage of the Anglo-Saxon kings is underlined, and among the kings most heavily featured are: Alfred the Great, Canute, Edward the Confessor, William the Conqueror, Henry ll, Richard Lionheart, Henry lll,. The last king in this volume is Henry Vl.

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