Stonehenge and the Neolithic Cosmos

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Author  ND Wiseman
Publisher  Neil Wiseman
Publication Date   March 14, 2015
ISBN  0692362827
Pages  72

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Updated for 2017!

Among the most mysterious, iconic, instantly recognizable structures in the world, Stonehenge has for many centuries been viewed through the shroud of stark majesty; a shambling folly in grand decay, singularly stoic and alone out on the blustery Salisbury Plain, England. But a true understanding of its significance has been stymied within that poetic context. Only recently has a certain prosaic inevitability incorporated the entire landscape into a larger perspective. Now the ancient edifice has begun to surrender her jealous secrets.

How did the stones get there? Did Druids build a cathedral to the sun? Was summer solstice the only bastion of their belief? Are the answers to these questions forever lost to the ages?

Stonehenge and the Neolithic Cosmos is written for the curious lay-person, but any seasoned professional might feel at home reading this profusely illustrated, illuminating report on the latest interpretation of the famous ruin.

ND Wiseman pulls aside the foggy curtain of history, legend and myth to reveal some startling surprises about the world’s most beloved and mysterious prehistoric monument.

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