Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World...

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Author  Richard J. A. Talbert
Publisher  Princeton University Press
Publication Date   October 8, 2000
ISBN  0691049459
Pages  1448

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Map-by-Map Directory A Map-by-Map Directory to the Barrington Atlas is a separate two-volume print edition of close to 1,500 pages. The Directory is designed to provide information about every place or feature in the Barrington Atlas. The section for each map comprises: a concise text drawing attention to special difficulties in mapping a region, such as extensive landscape change since antiquity, or uneven modern exploration. a listing of every name and feature on the map, with basic data about the period of occupation, the modern equivalents of ancient placenames, the modern country within which they are located, and brief references to relevant ancient testimony or modern studies. a bibliography of works cited. The Map-by-Map Directory is an essential accompaniment to the Barrington Atlas. As a uniquely rich, comprehensive, up-to-date distillation of evidence and scholarship, it has no match elsewhere and opens the way to an immense variety of further research initiatives

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