Macedonia from Philip II to the Roman Conquest...

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Author  Rene Ginouves
Publisher  Princeton University Press
Publication Date   March 7, 1994
ISBN  0691036357
Pages  256

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This book offers an excellent introduction to the history, culture, art, architedcture and archaeology of ancient Macedonia, and is packed full of illustrations bringing to life the society and culture of those peoples brought under Macedonian control. Starting with the emergence of Macedonia and the rule of Philip II, Ginouvès then looks at Alexander and the Diadochi; cities and sanctuaries of Macedonia; the `Macedonian tombs'; Macedonian dedications outside Macedonia; the end of the kingdom of Macedonia. The book aims to have something of interest to readers of all levels. The original French edition, La Macedoine, is also avaiable (Hb #47.50, 2271050073).

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