The Lost History of the Incas


The Lost History of the Incas

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Author  Dr. David M. Jones
Publisher  Hermes House
Publication Date   October 24, 2017
ISBN  0681460113


The history, legends, myths & culture of the ancient native peoples of the Andes, with over 500 photographs, maps, artworks, & fine art images. An authoritative account of the story of the Inca Empire & the peoples of the sun. An enthralling guide to the lost world of the natives of the Andes: ancient civilisations & other cultures. A fascinating study of power, politics, war, & the empire building that shaped one of the biggest & most sophisticated civilizxations in history. Explores myths & religions: how ancient cultures paid hoage to rainforest gods - jaguars, serpents, monkeys, & birds - & to creator gods, including the Staff Deity & Inti the Sun God. Over 500 stunning color photographs reveal an amazing visual history of the religious beliefs & mythologies of the Inca. Discover the tryth behund the mystery of the Nazca lines in the desert, the Oslands of the Sun & Moon in Lake Titicaca, the worship of the Inca Inti or sun king, & the cult of ritual sacrifice.

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