The Theban Hegemony, 371-362 BC


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Author  John Buckler
Publisher  Harvard University Press
Publication Date   October 23, 1980
ISBN  0674876458
Pages  360

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The decade of Theban power in fourth-century Greece has not been the subject of a full study in this century. Mr. Buckler provides a totally new look at Theban diplomacy and politics. He examines, for the first time, the social and economic backgrounds of the leaders of Thebes during the period of its hegemony. He focuses attention also on local politics and on the constitution of the Boiotian Confederacy, the federal government created by Thebes in the 370s.

Of special interest is the author's recognition of the historical implications of topography. He has inspected the terrain of the battlefields and routes of communication; his accounts of military campaigns are thus well grounded and convincing. His contemporary photographs of major sites and topographical maps are valuable supplements to the text.

This study is a significant contribution to our knowledge of an important period of Greek history.

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