Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, Volume...

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Publisher  Harvard University Department of the Classics
Publication Date   October 15, 2012
ISBN  0674072014
Pages  374

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This volume includes “A Picnic, a Tomb, and a Crow: Hesiod’s Cult in the Works and Days” by Natasha Bershadsky; “Sapphica” by Alexander Dale; “Fast, Famine, and Feast: Food for Thought in Callimachus’ Hymn to Demeter” by Andrew Faulkner; “A New Manuscript of Classical Authors in Spain” by Guillermo Galán Vioque; “The Dates of the Dramatists of the Fabula Togata” by Jarrett T. Welsh; “Ivy and Laurel: Divine Models in Virgil’s Eclogues” by Andrea Cucchiarelli; “Nighttime Labor: A Metapoetic Vignette Alluding to Aratus at Georgics 1.291–296” by John Henkel; “The Coroebus Episode in Virgil’s Aeneid” by Salvatore Monda; “Herod’s Last Days” by Mark Toher; “The Rhetorical Collection of the Elder Seneca: Textual Tradition and Traditional Text” by Bart Huelsenbeck; “Lucan’s Thunder-Box: Scatology, Epic, and Satire in Suetonius’ Vita Lucani” by Robert Cowan; “Symphosius 93.2: A New Interpretation” by Erin Sebo; “Imaginary Athletics in Two Followers of John Chrysostom” by Christopher P. Jones; and “The Sterling Dow Archive: Publications, Unfinished Scholarly Work, and Epigraphical Squeezes” by William T. Loomis and Stephen V. Tracy.

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