Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, Volume...

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Publisher  Harvard University Department of the Classics
Publication Date   September 1, 2010
ISBN  0674053443
Pages  340

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This volume includes “Divide and Edit: A Brief History of Book Divisions” by Carolyn Higbie; “Aristotle’s Hamartia Reconsidered” by Ho Kim; “Callimachus and his Allusive Virgins” by Andrew Faulkner; “Theokritos’ Idyll 16: The Kharites and Civic Poetry” by José González; “Boxing and Sacrifice in Epic: Apollonius, Vergil, and Valerius” by Matthew Leigh; “The Rhodian Loss of Caunus and Stratonicea in the 160s” by Sviatoslav Dmitriev; “Trina tempestas (Carmina Einsidlensia 2.33)” by Radoslaw Pietka; “The Vanishing Gardens of Priapus” by James Uden; “Trimalchio and Fortunata as Zeus and Hera” by Maria Ypsilanti; “Ps.-Dionysius on Epideictic Rhetoric: Seven Chapters, or One Complete Treatise?” by Martin Korenjak; “The Grammarian C. Iulius Romanus and the Fabula Togata” by Jarrett T. Welsh; “Quintus of Smyrna and the Second Sophistic” by Silvio Bär; and “The Conversion of A. D. Nock in the Context of His Life, Scholarship, and Religious View” by Simon Price.

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