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Author  James H. Jarratt
Publisher  James Jarratt
Publication Date   May 8, 2008
ISBN  0646485210
Pages  142

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This story is about the partially-documented maritime quest from Egypt to the land of Punt. Set in New Kingdom Egypt during the reign of Hatshepsut, VoyageMaster follows the expedition from inception to completion through the eyes of Jaromir, a young man in pursuit of self-realization. Jaromir is a scribe at the temple of Karnak, and comes from a well-connected but financially humble family. His adventure begins when his aunt Iset, mother of the child-king Tuthmose III, recommends him to Senmut the king's chief advisor-to be the voyage scribe. Creating a fleet in a land without timber or shipwrights is a prodigious task and requires several years. But when Jaromir finally receives word that he is to leave, he embarks on a journey of profound personal and spiritual transformation.

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