Cultural Studies

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Publisher  Wiley-Blackwell
Publication Date   October 1, 2004
ISBN  0631224386
Pages  600

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Cultural Studies: From Theory to Action is a landmark collection of key works that inspires, provokes, and revitalizes conversations about issues of social and economic justice and the current crisis in democracy.

  • Brings together work done in key areas of concern to cultural studies, including globalization, class analysis, media and representational politics, racism, sexism, and heterosexism.
  • Juxtaposes major theoretical pieces with “micro-literatures” by activists, artists, and teachers who are striving hard to put theory into practices.
  • Highlights consciousness-raising, coalition building, resistance, activism and structural change to chart the ways a critical public can effectively wage war against oppression.
  • Includes generous lists of suggested readings, lists of activist organizations, web resources, and a list of journals that “go against the grain”.

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