Iberia in Prehistory


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Author  Maria Castro
Publisher  Wiley-Blackwell
Publication Date   October 16, 1995
ISBN  0631167943
Pages  320

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This book charts a thousand years of Spanish history from the tenth century BC to the Roman conquest. In recent years, the archaeological data on the first millennium BC in Spain have significantly changed our understanding of the period. Drawing extensively on this research, the author examines how during this period Spain gradually changed from a country of similar economic standing to the rest of Bronze Age Europe to a region opened up through its growing contacts with the more advanced Eastern Mediterranean and transformed into one of the western classical cultures.

Iberia in Prehistory charts the increase in the Atlantic metal trade during the Bronze Age and the diverse cultural interchanges between the different regions in Spain. The book then looks at the "Tartessic Culture" and the influence of both Phoenician colonists and Greek merchants. Finally, the author examines the development of Iberian cultures during the period 500-280 BC. During this period a strong hellenic influence flourished in the south and east, but the author shows that the differences between "civilized" Iberia and the rest of the country were very strong.

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