Seven Battles that Shaped South Africa


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Author  Greg Mills
Publisher  NB Publishers
Publication Date   April 30, 2010
ISBN  0624042987
Pages  208

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An excellent guide book about seven decisive battles which shaped South Africa, and the distinctive personalities involved. The authors visited all the sites themselves and the book contains substantial new information, including the Black perspective on the various battles and on the aftermath of Cuito Canavale.

Contents include:

· Blood River -- 1838 (Dingane; Andries Pretorius)
· Isandhlwana/Rorke's Drift -- 1879 (Matyana; Chard)
· Majuba – 1881 (Colley; Joubert)
· Colenso (“Black Week”) – 1899 (Redvers Buller; Louis Botha)
· Delville Wood – 1916
· The Western Desert (Sidi Rezegh, Tobruk and El Alamein) – 1942 (Klopper; Dan Pienaar; Erwin Rommel)
· Cuito Cuanavale –1988 (Jannie Geldenhuys; Fidel Castro)

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