Kemet 101 (Book published August 3, 2013)


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Author  Perry Khepera Kyles Ph.D
Publisher  African Diaspora Press
Publication Date   August 3, 2013
ISBN  0615877338
Pages  104

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In Kemet 101 Dr. Kyles brings to life one of the most misunderstood cultures in human history with a wide range of images and methodologies. Kemet 101 dispels several myths, including the myth of an Asiatic origin of Nile Valley civilizations. Kemet 101 should be read by all with an interest in Ancient Egyptian History or African History in general. It is an excellent resource for beginners, teachers, and those already familiar with the subject. Topics addressed include: The Ethiopian and Sudanic origins of the divine kingship concept and the Ausarian (Osirian) Resurrection; The moral and spiritual beliefs of ancient Egypt; Ancient Egyptian writing systems, including the Medtu Neter (aka hieroglyphs); the plight of political figures such as Seqenenre Tao, Queen Aahotep, Hatshepsut, and the Nubians of the 25th Dynasty; and the stolen legacy of Ancient Egypt.

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