The Barbarian Bible


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Author  Ianto Watt
Publisher  Barbarian Special Services Intl.
Publication Date   December 19, 2013
ISBN  0615860613
Pages  540

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If The Barbarian Bible offends you, good! Ianto Watt isn't concerned with making friends or soothing bruised egos. Instead, Watt shares his unique and always controversial view of world history and what the future holds.

Through a combination of simple math, common sense, and liar's logic, Watt challenges established views of world history, proving the modern world is heading for a repeat of the fall of Troy, and what such an event will mean for humanity.

In Watt's world view, four groups dominated the last two thousand years: Imperial Rome (now represented by the United States), Holy Rome, The Chosen Ones, and the Barbarians. Each group is fundamentally opposed to the other three, forming uneasy alliances only to strike at (and betray) each other. Just to make it interesting, each group also has a major impostor.

Watt's arguments are likely to offend many in the English-speaking world, the seat of modern Imperial Rome. At the same time, he aims his iconoclastic sarcasm at all four world groups (and their impostors), making scathing commentaries on religion, politics, culture, and social assumptions. Controversial, offensive, and revolutionary, Watt's opinions generate heated debate in all who read them.

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