Armenian Civilization


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Author  Mr. Art Chakrian
Publisher  Armenian Cililization
Publication Date   April 22, 2013
ISBN  0615765874
Pages  206

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This short story of the "Armenian Civilization" is intended to familiarize readers with Armenia's very impressive prehistoric past and achievements in and around Armenian Highlands.This book will be a good source to get basic knowledge about "The First's" in Armenia's ancient history (Stone to Middle Ages) and its major influences on all early civilizations before and after the Flood, based on latest 50 years of archeological findings in Armenian Highlands. Some topics covered are: - Myths, Origins, Genetics and the Genesis of Human Civilization; - First Petroglyphs to Rock Art to IE Language to First Alphabets and the Manuscripts; - First Astronomers and Calendars to First Hieroglyphs and the Zodiac; - First prehistoric Sites, Settlements, and City-States to First Empires and the Kingdoms; - Sacred Geometry to Christianity and the Spiritual Architecture; - "E"-ism (Eyoutioun = Etre = Being) ... Also included are over 170 amazing pictures, maps and charts.

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