Nine Seasons& Maya Wisdom...

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Author  Mr. Carlos Aceves
Publisher  Indigenous Cultures Institute
Publication Date   March 22, 2012
ISBN  0615615228
Pages  84

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Simple and sacred descriptions of indigenous wisdoms where readers discover how celestial cycles merge with seven skills for long life, and learn the secrets of becoming spiritual warriors of the mind and heart. "This is the book that Carlos Aceves' fans have been waiting for. At last a codification of the wisdom that Aceves teaches during classroom lessons, community lectures, public workshops, and circles around the fire. As hosts who have brought Aceves to Central Texas audiences, we continually hear the aftermath of presentations long past: 'When will he be back?' 'I want to attend his workshop.' 'I should have brought a notepad to take notes.' With 'Nine Seasons' not only will Aceves' accessibility be expanded to those appreciative of indigenous wisdom, but established fans will have a tidy manual for quick refreshers on the road to a sacred and balanced life." – Mario Garza, Ph.D, Board of Directors Chair, San Marcos, Texas, U.S.

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