The Mathisen Corollary

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Author  David Warner Mathisen
Publisher  Beowulf Books
Publication Date   December 16, 2011
ISBN  0615535623
Pages  316

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Mathisen, David Warner. "The Mathisen Corollary: Connecting a Global Flood with the Mysteries of Mankind's Ancient Past." Examines the geological evidence that the earth experienced a global catastrophic flood and uses a specific flood theory to investigate numerous mysteries of human history, such as the presence of advanced astronomical knowledge in Egyptian, Sumerian, Babylonian and Greek mythology and the possibility that ancient civilizations understood sophisticated mathematical concepts such as phi, that they knew the size and shape of the earth, and that they could and did cross the oceans regularly long before conventional history admits was possible. Presents arguments for ancient cultural contact between continents using mythology and archaeology, as well as evidence from human remains. Demonstrates ways in which the geological evidence of a catastrophic flood explains historical mysteries, and how the human historical evidence bolsters the geological theory of a catastrophic global flood.

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