Realms of Gold

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Author  L. James Hammond
Publisher  Noontide Press
Publication Date   June 1, 2011
ISBN  0615317987
Pages  204

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A readable survey of Western classics. Begins with Philosophy and Psychology, then moves on to Literature and History, and finally concludes with Miscellaneous and Scientific works. Discusses new classics like Jung and Joseph Campbell, as well as older writers like Homer and Shakespeare. Suggests critical and biographical works, as well as original works; for example, the discussion of Poe deals not only with Poe's own writings, but also with works about Poe. Although the focus is on Western works, Realms of Gold also looks at works from China, Japan, India, Iran, etc. Although the focus is on the humanities, it also suggests books about the sciences. It's intended to be a map of the literary world, like a map that shows a miner where he can find gold.

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