The Tibetan Oracle


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Author  Roger Housden
Publisher  Harmony
Publication Date   July 21, 1998
ISBN  0609601644
Pages  109

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Tibetan culture has honored the divinatory arts for millennia. In the 12th century, one ancient system known as Mo was recorded on a manuscript. Mo was used by monks to answer the urgent practical questions of laypeople. Now, translated into English for the first time, this medieval text is available as a decision-making guide for modern readers.
Many divination systems give answers that are cryptic and hard to decipher. The Tibetan Oracle gives clear direction on whether it would be wise to pursue a given action or not, and what the consequences of the action are likely to be. The esoteric knowledge of the Tibetans taught them that nature is constantly changing. Going against the elemental forces, personified by four gods (Yama/Wind, Agni/Fire, Varuna/Water, and Indra/Earth), could mean disaster, while taking advantage when these forces are favorable results in success. Use this oracle to help you with decision-making, from whether to take a new job or relocate to when to invest or ask for a raise. Timing is everything, so let this oracle show you when to act--and when not to.

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