A History of the Universe

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Author  Henry Kong
Publisher  iUniverse, Inc.
Publication Date   June 7, 2007
ISBN  0595448135
Pages  314

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At last, here is the final and most ambitious installment ofHenry Kong's dazzling historical trilogy. The core question ishow the people of a divided, impoverished continentemerged to conquer the world with their technology andideas. The serendipitous triumph of "Western Civilization" isan epic story every educated person should know. HenryKong's crisp and succinct narration takes the reader from theFlorentine Renaissance and the French Enlightenment to theHolocaust and the end of the human race. All the key events,important figures, and major trends in the arts, sciences, andgeopolitics are here, along with fascinating, thought provokingcounter factual scenarios. This book is a must forall history fans.

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