Time Frames and Taboo Data

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Author  C Houck
Publisher  iUniverse, Inc.
Publication Date   November 21, 2006
ISBN  059539986X
Pages  498

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Looking back across the millennia and assessing the search for the Great Answer, man's history would seem to demonstrate that "religion" is the name given to the plague of spirit that cripples humankind's higher potential. The most obvious symptom of religious infection is a paralysis of rational thought accompanied by delusions in which the absurd is accepted as reality. Outwardly there are often no visible signs of this lethal disease, but the natural free-flowing cosmic essence by which that "spirit" may embrace the universal is consumed by parasitical ideologies. Such religious factions are not, as these pages have shown, exactly the champions for moral conduct and ethical behavior as they claim. And the age-old pretence of religion being the standard bearer of ethics/morality is as trite and superficial and untrue today as throughout man's bloody history. This observation is shared by more than one historian, and here is a couplet to paraphrase this conclusion.If you can get people to believe in absurdities,You can get them to commit atrocities.That is as true today as it was one, two or three thousand years ago-and it pretty much sums up the message in these pages.

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