White Athena

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Author  Walter Slack
Publisher  iUniverse, Inc.
Publication Date   September 18, 2006
ISBN  0595393209
Pages  684

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Ancient Egypt was one of the great civilizations of antiquity, but it was not the only great one. Afrocentrists claim that the Greeks stole their philosophy, science, and culture, but very few Afrocentrists ever say which specific aspects of these items were allegedly purloined. White Athena is author Walter Slack's systematic effort to deal with each of these claims as he delves into the following topics: ·The alleged "great conspiracy" against ancient Egypt ·The illusion of Egypt's "secret wisdom" ·Egyptian religion and Hermeticism ·Pyramidology, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, and Mormonism ·The relationship between Egypt and Greece ·Greek originality and creativity ·Afrocentrism and Egyptian science ·Isaac Newton and Egyptian wisdom ·Afrocentrist fantasies about ancient Egypt ·The myth of the "stolen legacy" Many specialists seem to have missed a number of factual and logical inconsistencies seemingly inherent in Afrocentrist writing, which, when summed, go a long way to undermining their ideological case. Slack takes those inconsistencies seriously and uses them to build a case against Afrocentrist propaganda and to seek fair scholarly credit for the achievements of the Greeks.

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