Where to Find Your Arab-American or Jewish Genealogy...

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Author  Anne Hart
Publisher  ASJA Press
Publication Date   October 13, 2005
ISBN  0595373259
Pages  244

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Find out how and where to find your Arab-American or Jewish genealogy records. Also Mediterranean, Assyrian, Iranian, Greek & Armenian for all faiths. Are you a Christian or Moslem person from the Eastern Mediterranean, Iran, Armenia, Turkey, Greece, Iraq, or Central Asia? Or are your ancestors or clients Jewish from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus the Balkans, and/or North Africa-Ashkenazim, Sephardim, or Mizrahi?Genealogy-family history research-opens portals to the artistic, cultural, religious, social, historical, and economic environment in which a particular item was designed and brought forth, from people to their icons. Genealogy is cultural geography as well as a history and ethnography of human genes.Finding Arab-American, Iranian, Jewish, Greek, Mediterranean, or various Middle Eastern and West Asian family history records usually require navigating through hidden archives.Here's how to begin your search.When you can't find a surname, or there are no records, or you don't know whether the birth, marriage, tax, property, immigration, or other records were in Russian, Polish, Arabic, Farsi, Greek, Turkish, Judeo-Spanish, German, Czech, Lithuanian, or Yiddish, where and how do you begin your search?If no one recorded a woman's maiden name, how do you find her on a marriage certificate, school record, or other document in archives in a country you never expected in a language you never knew she was recorded? Do you begin with military records of conscripted males or religious school documents in any of the religions of your ancestors or family history research clients?To start your search, begin with memorabilia and photos or keepsakes and keepsake albums. Look at ethnic objects, books, letters, postcards, and diaries, along with the census or other genealogy records.

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