The Hero of Byzantium


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Author  Joseph Lessard
Publisher  iUniverse, Inc.
Publication Date   June 13, 2005
ISBN  0595354076
Pages  176

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In December Belisarius entered Rome from the south through the Porta Asinaria by the Basilica of Constantine. The Gothic garrison fled north out the Porta Flaminia towards Ravenna. Belisarius suffered from no illusions; he knew the Goths would soon be back in force to lay siege to the city. This would be the decisive battle for Italy, and he would be prepared for it.

Fifty years ago, the Western Empire fell, and now the Eastern Roman Empire is threatened on all sides. If it is to survive, a strong emperor must come to the throne, and a hero must lead the emperor’s armies.

In 527 CE, Justinian I rose to the throne with a vision of restoring Rome to its former glory. He soon found a general—and a hero—named Belisarius. General Belisarius gave hope to the people and once more rekindled the flames of conquest in the Roman army. Belisarius showed faith in God, unquestionable loyalty to his emperor, and compassion for his warriors and the Roman people. He was, without a doubt, The Hero of Byzantium.

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