The Mound Builders of Ancient North America...

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Author  E. Barrie Kavasch
Publisher  iUniverse
Publication Date   December 22, 2003
ISBN  059530561X
Pages  276

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Ancient Mound Builders created thousands of sacred earthen structures all across America. These native Indian cultures flourished for 4000 years before the first settlers came, creating mysterious giant earthen shapes of birds, bears, snakes, and alligator mounds, along with great conical mounds that held the bones of their leaders and loved ones. Who were these sophisticated and spiritual ancient people? They were talented shamans, farmers, hunters, fishermen, artists, and midwives who held special reverence for Mother Earth. Learn more about them and see some of their amazing artistic achievements inside The Mound Builders of Ancient North America. Study a detailed TimeLine that helps to place everything in exact perspective. See what was also happening elsewhere in the world during the Mound Builders heydays. Surprising fetes of engineering and geographic earthworks remind us that these ancient cultures held impressive worldviews.

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