In Defense of Nature

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Author  Richard Pasichnyk
Publisher  iUniverse
Publication Date   December 23, 2002
ISBN  0595255868
Pages  694

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In this book you will discover a history of humanity unlike anything you have ever heard of. Ever wonder what happened to all of the civilizations that have gone before us? Well, the events in history are continually repeated by different cultures throughout time with the same finale, affecting the entire globe in a relatively short time. From the ancient writings of all of the historians, religious scriptures and mythology, we also find the same understanding. And their writings unveil the true nature of the forces behind the events. Natural disasters have been undergoing a steady climb, as things become more and more unstable-a process that has happened many times before. These and other observations indicate that we are about to undergo a major global transformation. Not withstanding, we can stop many natural disasters, terrorism and war by understanding what took place. In Defense of Nature-The History Nobody Told You About unveils a story of the human interaction with our living Earth and living Cosmos. To say that you will be truly surprised by what has been hidden from our historical perspectives is surely an understatement. Know what coming Earth changes are about to occur and why.

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