Ancient History, Ancient Warriors and Stories...

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Author  Stephen Bost
Publisher  iUniverse
Publication Date   March 14, 2002
ISBN  0595219225
Pages  152

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Silently and with purpose the two emissaries from the East moved up the steep, rocky mountain path. They quickly moved towards their destination carrying rich gifts as well as a message in the form of a question to the most sacred oracle in all of ancient Greece. The results of this meeting would have some profound effects upon the rest of history.History can teach us many things, but most importantly it should show us a new way of looking at the problems of today so we do not repeat the mistakes of the past. Here are stories from out past that are exciting, entertaining, and full of adventure. These stories are also full of courage and bravery and include mysterious Wisemen, mystical dreams, breathtaking daring-do, and, perhaps, some ideas to contemplate. We will tell about how the ancient Greeks rallied themselves and decided to defend their newfound freedom and democracy against the much larger invading force from Persia. We will describe the battles that they won and lost. We will also tell about how Alexander-the-Great took the war to Persia in order to bring back the treasures that had been stolen from Greece.

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