A Guide to A library of Occidental Chronology...

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Author  Patrick Wilkins
Publisher  iUniverse
Publication Date   February 27, 2002
ISBN  0595216587
Pages  132

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Cultures all over the world have tracked significant experiences and the passing of lives via calendars. Bridging the gap between history and theology, this chronology compares common years in a grand alignment. The easy-to-use reference guide in Volume I incorporates the Roman, Solar, Jewish, and Hebrew chronologies in chart format, stemming form dated biblical events. The author¡¯s rational approach rests on archeological finds, scientific evidence, and mathematical formulas. Astronomical terminology is defined, and the role of theology is explored as it pertains to order. Ancient and medieval history is also discussed, following the roles of political, social, and intellectual movements in shaping calendars. Now serious researchers and curious students alike can not only locate previously obscure dates, but they can discover the ¡®hows¡¯ and ¡®whys¡¯ behind man¡¯s patterns for recording time in this adaptable and thorough guide.

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