Third Palestine

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Author  Kenneth C. Gutwein
Publisher  iUniverse
Publication Date   June 9, 2000
ISBN  0595091571
Pages  432

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Third Palestine: A Regional Study in Byzantine Urbanization, unlocks the mystery of civilization in the Negev Desert of Israel in antiquity. What was the reason for the development of towns and cities in this arid zone, and why did its residents construct magnificent churches and edifices, are questions that this work seeks to answer. How did the inhabitants of this civilization work and live, and why did they achieve wealth and prosperity, are issues which chart the course of the book. Professor Gutwein, who has spent over a decade in the Middle East, interprets the remains of Christian churches and towns in this region, all the while focusing upon the historical documents and sources to analyze these questions. The land of the region, its historical geography, and provincial framework, are all investigated; while original maps, charts, and illustrations guide the reader through sites history has long forgotten. The urban framework of the province the Romans called Third Palestine is clearly illuminated in this work, and town sites and urban architecture are analyzed in depth. Third Palestine investigates the commercial role of the myriad cities and towns in the region by detailing the pilgrim trade, and the lucrative trade in spices. In addition, the military importance of the province is not neglected by the author, who uncovers remains of frontier defense, roads, and garrisons. With a list of 36 figures, and 11 tables, Third Palestine brings to light an important, yet previously neglected ancient civilization.

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