Yeshua's People in the Shadow of Jesus


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Author  Rick Massey J.D.
Publisher  Always Been There, LLC
Publication Date   July 1, 2012
ISBN  0578108275
Pages  256

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You know the official story. But what was Jesus really like? The differences between the legend and the history are astounding! What happened to the people Jesus personally knew between the crucifixion and the final war with the Romans? What do the recently released documents from the Dead Sea Scrolls tell us about them? Why does the New Testament omit virtually everything about thirty of Jesus’ thirty-one years on this planet? These questions and more are logically and systematically addressed. This is a look at the real people behind the legend. The New Testament barely acknowledges their existence. But their stories are every bit as fascinating and compelling as the bigger than life characters that found their way into the official record. Their struggles, triumphs, and failures were suppressed for political reasons. Their views were hatefully ridiculed, viciously misrepresented, and eventually buried. Few realize what Jesus and his people were really all about. Few understand what they went through in a world the New Testament writers mostly ignored. One of the bloodiest and most heroic movements in Jewish history, a movement Jesus was clearly at the heart of has been virtually forgotten. The real agenda of Jesus, his disciples, and his brothers has been removed from the Christian story with laser precision. In its place stands a mythological group of hippie figures that blended seamlessly into the background of existing Greek deities. Yet its roots are still there for those who understand where to look. The New Testament forcefully presents one side of what began as a two-sided controversy between those who personally knew Jesus and those who had another story to sell. By taking a closer look at Jesus’ family and the world in which they lived, the author goes beyond legends and doctrines to explore the actual history head on. This easily accessible, yet well documented book considers all of the available evidence. From the writers of the Dead Sea Scrolls to the works of early historians, everything is fairly and honestly examined. There is something for everyone here. Readers with little or no background in the historical analysis of the New Testament will find just enough supporting material to follow the author’s arguments. Scholars who are familiar with the underlying theories and with the related historical accounts will appreciate the extensive end notes and meticulous documentation. Accounts of the history of Jesus and of the early development of the New Testament are often too simplistic to be taken seriously or too complex to follow. Utilizing his training as a lawyer, Rick Massey artfully makes the case that the most popular perceptions of Jesus and his people are fundamentally wrong. That fine line between overly simplistic and too technical for most readers to follow has been skillfully bridged. The result is a fresh look at the actual events upon which the characters of the New Testament are based that makes the real people step out of the realm of myth and fiction and finally come alive!

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