The New Deal in Old Rome (Book published December 9, 2010)


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Author  H J Haskell
Publisher  Argos Editions (Lulu)
Publication Date   December 9, 2010
ISBN  0557044286
Pages  192

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Pulitzer Prize winner, H.J. Haskell examines the stellar rise and fall of the Roman Empire through a unique examination of its social and fiscal policies. Building one of the greatest Empires and economies known to man, Rome creates an intricate chain of war debts with its expansions and deficits while bailing out collapsing industries. There are numerous warnings as great statesmen fight against real estate bubbles and market instabilities. Reviewing the centuries in a comprehensive accounting, Haskel makes it clear that Rome was the first to deal with the problems of a massive, modern economy. As America boldly reaches into a new era of change, "The New Deal in Old Rome" serves as an amazing historical reference of an earlier world superpower and its economics. Written in a clear and contemporary style, Haskell gives us an intimate look at Rome's problems, leaders, their solutions and the effects of their policies. Forward and Editorial by Shawn Strider.

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